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Our Mission:  Giving kids a voice

Our Vision:   Developing communication skills through performance arts education

The Overall Goal of the Cabaret Institute for Kids:  To give kids a forum for communication using their own innate artistic abilities developed through music education. 
We hope to help continue and support the tradition of cabaret, passing it on to future generations.  By introducing kids and teens to this art form, providing them meaningful one-on-one interaction with professional cabaret artists, and working with students to develop their own cabaret performance, we hope to enrich their lives in the process.  


What is Cabaret?

lechatnoir.jpgCabaret is an art form featuring comedy, song, dance, and story telling.  Its birthplace was turn-of- the-century Paris at Le Chat Noir – the gathering place of artists, musicians, poets and writers of the day.  It was the Starbucks of pre-World War France, where artists tested the performance of their work on a small audience in an impromptu setting.  The enlivening dynamic of this art form is the authenticity of expression by the artist. Without theatrical enhancement, in an intimate setting, the artist gives a bare bones performance. It is the transparency of the artist’s performance in which everyone shares without the fourth wall of a theatrical performance.

The turn of the 20th century introduced a revolutionized cabaret culture. Performers included Josephine Baker and Brazilian drag performer João Francisco dos Santos (aka Madame Satã). Cabaret performances could range from political satire to light entertainment, each being introduced by a master of ceremonies, or MC.

In the United States, cabaret diverged into several different and distinct styles of performance mostly due to the influence of Jazz Music. Chicago cabaret focused intensely on the larger band ensembles and reached its zenith in the speakeasies, and steakhouses of the Prohibition Era

Cabaret in the United States began to disappear in the sixties, due to the rising popularity of rock concert shows and television variety shows. Perhaps the greatest living American cabaret performer is Eartha Kitt, famous for her role as Catwoman in the television series Batman.

Cabaret is currently undergoing a renaissance of sorts in the United States as new generations of performers reinterpret the old forms in both music and theatre.


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